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Meet Us

Husband & Wife - Jack & Anita

Jack & Anita are highly qualified and experienced acupuncturists. They met on their Acupuncture degree and since then married after graduation and moved to Cornwall in pursuit of a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

They currently spend their free time in the veg patch, on the beach and walking their dog Marley.

Anita is also an experienced yoga teacher. For more information about her yoga click here.


For more information about Jack & Anita, their bio's and specialities, please click here.    

Meet Us

Does it seem impossible to explain where your headaches have come from? Why you wake up at night and can't fall back off to sleep? Or are you in chronic pain but nothing helps? Sometimes these symptoms get worse and worse and mainstream medicine can only offer you medication which comes with side effects... There is another way.

With Chinese Medicine there is always a reason for your symptoms, we can help you understand your symptoms, work out where they have come from and how they relate to each other. You will be able to understand the root cause of your problems and therefore be able to prevent the symptoms from coming back by making informed lifestyle choices. Acupuncture treatments with Anita or Jack may also include the use of moxa, guasha, cupping and lifestyle advice, which all help to aid healing by restoring the natural balance within your body. Your body want's to heal itself, sometimes all it needs is a little prompting in the right direction.

With knowledge comes understanding and with understanding we can heal.

Acupuncture clinics

Angel's Salon

69 Meneage St,


TR13 8RB

Cornish Therapy Centre


Forth Noweth,


TR15 1AU

For more information about our clinic opening hours and treatment pricing please click here.

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