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Anita has taught me Sivananda yoga for the past 3 years since I was recommended the practice to help with Scoliosis. It didn’t take long for my chiropractor sessions to stop as I strengthened my back and core and Anita guided us through breathing exercises (pranayama) and mindful relaxation which helped to reset my muscles.

Anita’s classes are a place you will become calm, relaxed and learn about your Self, your body and the energies that flow through and around us.

Classes have now finished in Wiltshire but I have learned life-affirming skills from Anita and made friendships with kind, loving and supportive people with whom I’ll continue my yoga journey.

I will be very sorry to see our beloved teacher move on but I know the Yogi’s/Yogini’s of Helston, Cornwall are in for a treat and I look forward to joining a class down there sometime.

Thank you and Namasté Anita 
Sat Nam

Thank you for an amazing class this afternoon. As a complete novice, I really did not know what to expect when I started earlier this year. The more I do the more I have enjoyed it and wish I had started sooner. Anita’s classes are warm and friendly, her teaching is calm, knowledgeable with gentle encouragement to go at your own pace. Whatever your vintage, shape or size, if your interested give these classes a go.


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