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Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture Testimonials

Testimonials for Jack

Last year I suffered from a number of chest infections and had a chronic, hacking cough that got worse and worse, this then later developed into chronic asthma and regular hot flushes!

I had a lot of personal family issues and this triggered my illness but I didn't really know that at the time until Jack explained to me, why my body was reacting this way.

I've been having acupuncture on and off for a few years but it was only when I started getting treatment from Jack that I really noticed an improvement in my health.

He has a gentle, sensitive, caring approach to treatment and really listens to what you’re saying and sometimes... not saying.

Jack has got me to a level that I thought I would never get to again and has even helped reduce my use of inhalers (which I am thrilled about as I didn't want to be reliant on them forever).

He has reduced the hot flushes to a manageable level and explained that a lot of what I was suffering from was grief and because I was in denial/resistant to accepting it, was also why I was so ill.

It sounds strange but understanding the root cause of my illness helped tremendously in my coming to terms with it and therefore it allowed the healing process to take place.

I love the calmness that Jack always invokes in me after treatment and felt that I could carry on and not give up. He is a truly gifted acupuncturist and I would highly recommend him.

Atia, 44

I found Jack quiet and empathetic, which was much appreciated because of my long-term pain condition, which is linked to my hysterectomy and long history of gynaecological concerns, and has entailed a lot of referred pain, restrictions and postural problems. I quickly learned to trust Jack and relax during my treatments, and have made very good progress under his care. He seems to ‘get’ me at a deeper level, which meant our sessions went very smoothly, despite the painful place I’m coming from!

As a result of his treatments, my shoulder symptoms are much better, which has helped me stand upright and feel more like my true self: A weight has been lifted! What’s more, Jack uses the Five Element model of acupuncture, which has given me a new perspective on myself and how I relate to other people. I just wish I’d been introduced to acupuncture when I was a teenager!

Debbie, 56

Jack has a very professional yet sensitive approach to treatment. He creates a safe and trusting environment in which you feel able to share responses to treatments and move forward to the next session.

Jacks techniques is confident and he talks you through everything he does, including possible side affects and long term gain. I would highly recommend Jack as an acupuncturist as he has helped bring my health back to a normal level and is helping me maintain it through check up appointments.

Jessica, 28

After a spinal fusion in March 2016, I was in agony daily. Acupuncture changed that.
I stopped taking pain killers and started to learn how to take better care of myself. It was not an overnight fix but with the help of Jack, and an open mind (very important), I began to have pain free days, and then more of them.
Whilst I still battle with some pain, I have learnt that acupuncture is a powerful remedy and can teach you to listen to your body, understand it and, find balance.
I would recommend The Fine Balance to anyone for any condition or concern because I have experienced first hand the benefits acupuncture treatment has and continues to offer me.

Sarah, 30

Acupuncture was suggested to me whilst I was pregnant to help with the sickness i was suffering from. As I was reluctant to take any drugs, it seemed to be the perfect solution!
The treatments I received from Jack helped me immensely. I went from suffering with daily sickness and constant nausea to finally having days where I felt ‘normal’ and could eat properly again. After each treatment these days became more frequent, until the sickness finally went.
I continued with acupuncture which I believed helped me to maintain my ‘healthy’ pregnancy. I found that acupuncture eased other pregnancy related issues I was experiencing, in particular heartburn which became a real struggle as my pregnancy progressed.
Throughout Jack was always happy to explain everything and answer any questions I had, always putting my mind and ease and making sure I was fully informed at all times.
I would highly recommend the fine balance to anyone seeking an acupuncturist, but in particular I would urge anyone who is pregnant and unsure of whether acupuncture is for them to try it. Whilst I was sick I found it hard to enjoy my pregnancy, however I can honestly say that Acupuncture changed this for me! I have experienced first hands the real benefits acupuncture can offer.




After suffering many years with debilitating periods and finding no effective remedy I began searching for alternative methods, which is what lead me to The Fine Balance. After a years worth of treatment I can now confidently say I no longer suffer with any of the side effects that I originally began with. These results were apparent after just a couple of months worth of treatments. Jack has been amazing at tailoring his treatments to me as an individual and his expertise always evident. Would HIGHLY recommend.


I’ve had Acupuncture lots of times in the past and found it hard to find a good practitioner who I can trust to perform positive results,
Jack at The Fine Balance has been treating me for Anxiety and generally feeling out of balance with feeling too hot or having too much nervous energy, I can definitely say I feel so much better now to the extent I have lowered my medication considerably and hopefully will soon come off them. It has also sorted out my Licen plainus I had, so all in all very good results! Also, Jack really takes time to find out what’s going on with me and how I’m feeling, so he can address my complaint accurately... and it works!


I have been seeing Jack for acupuncture due to a recommendation that this would help me through a period of chemotherapy. I have been having chemotherapy every three weeks and suffered a low point mid-way between treatments. This is when i went to Jack for an acupuncture session. I have been amazed at the effects! It has given energy to my body to face the chemotherapy, and to minimise many of the symptoms. I always felt revitalised after a session with Jack, and for a period of time afterwards. It has been a revelation, and I will be continuing acupuncture for a while yet. My cancer consultant has been so pleased with my progress that I have now stopped chemotherapy, and just have to have 3 monthly checks. I was expecting more chemo or radiotherapy, but I feel that the acupuncture has been a major factor in healing my body and my well-being. I would highly recommend Jack to others undergoing chemotherapy or anything similar. Thanks so much Jack!


Testimonials for Anita

I have suffered for years with chronic neck pain and stiff shoulders due to the nature of my work. I have received very positive effects from chiropractors in the past but the effects were always short lived as there was so much tension in the muscles, it would pull my joints back out of place. Anita's acupuncture release's tension in one treatment that enables me to go for much longer periods between treatments with the chiropractor. I've also found I feel much less stressed and more emotionally balanced after a treatment. I would highly recommend Anita for reducing stress and tensions that build up from modern life!

Kevin, 34

Anita has helped me so much with my knee pain. I felt calm and confident with Anita's approach and knew that I was in safe hands from the very first treatment.

Paul, 65

I was put in contact with Anita earlier this year as I had severe pain around upper leg and groin area, and had a long standing pain in my other leg, which was from a fractured femur. I found Anita very easy and pleasant to talk to, and she was very thorough in her diagnosis, and analysis of the issues..
Over a few acupuncture sessions the issues that I had with the groin pain lessened, and were resolved, and surprisingly she was able to reduce the ache that I had lived with following the femur injury, to the point that it has become much less noticeable.
I would definitely recommend treatment with Anita.
Richard, 67

The Fine Balance definitely deserves 5 stars - I have never considered acupuncture before, however after running a half marathon in October last year my knees were painful after any running, even if it was just a short distance and flat surface. I didn't want to accept that 'this was it', so I sought further advice and booked in for 4 sessions with Anita. I am truly amazed at the results - I am aware that I may need a further 'top up' treatment in case any discomfort returns, however I have just completed a run including a hill (something I would never have done a couple of months ago knowing the pain it would cause), and I have had no pain.
Anita is an open, friendly and approachable person, and is very empathetic to your needs and feelings.
I can whole heartily recommend Anita at The Fine Balance.


I would highly recommend Anita for both Yoga and Acupuncture.
I had an accident a few years ago which left me with sciatica in my back and leg, I had tried physiotherapy twice without any luck and had been told that I would most likely have this the rest of my life.
Anita has reduced the level of pain and discomfort with only a couple of sessions. She has a very caring nature and is able to put you at ease within moments.


After many years of suffering from progressively worsening hay fever and after trying many different remedies, natural and medicinal, I thought I would give acupuncture a go.
Anita was very reassuring and begun

The results were amazing. I had no symptoms at all, I couldn't believe it.
Thank you Anita for giving me a spring/summer time free from hay fever!

I started working with Anita shortly after I had given birth to my first baby. I had general pains all over, a groin injury from my pregnancy and my mood was very changeable. I also had a bursitis on my hip which had resolved during my pregnancy and returned with a vengeance a few weeks after giving birth. Combined with the usual sleep deprivation and the struggles of first time parenting I needed something different that wasn’t simply put down to just “having had a baby”. This was a particularly big step for me as I have always had a fear of needles.
At my first consultation, Anita was able to put me at ease. She was patient and took an unexpectedly detailed history. Without realising it, she helped to identify several long standing issues that I had not even considered and I was confident her approach felt holistic.
She built up needles slowly, always ensuring I was happy to continue. She explained the theory behind the needles and other treatments (moxa) in a way I could understand and it made sense to me. Before long, the needles were not even much of an issue! Anita’s technique is fantastic.
Before each new treatment we discussed any success and improvement/worsening of symptoms, and tweaked and added in new areas for treatment as required. Definitely felt like a partnership throughout our contacts and over the weeks I came to trust her even more.
As a result of treatment, my general well-being felt very much improved. The energy I felt after treatment was improved, and lengthened with more treatments. My pain decreased and the bursitis improved, although the swelling did not necessarily reduce. Mood also left me feeling like my old self which was a happy bonus. The whole experience felt rather cathartic and I would recommend anyone considering acupuncture as a new or revisited avenue.
Anita is a special professional with the ability to listen, skillfully treat and provide an overall feeling of genuinely caring for you as a client. Anyone a bit fearful or new to acupuncture could benefit from seeing Anita. You will not regret it and hopefully, like me, should have a lot to gain!

Stephanie, 32

After suffering from severe tension and pain in my neck and shoulders, I decided that it was time to finally try to sort it out. Finding Anita was a total blessing. Her treatments are incredible and she helped to release more tension than had every been released before. With that she then re-balanced my body to help it manage its new way of being. I cannot thank her enough.


Anita worked a small miracle for me. After suffering from awful cramps and migraines they went after 2 treatments, Amazing!


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